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I’ve stopped blogging here on my praxtime wordpress site for now. This is an archive of my posts from 2012-2019. As of Jan 2022, my new posts are at praxtime.substack.com

Hi. I’m Nathan Taylor. I write about technological change and its impact to society. Focusing on what I’d call the near future, roughly the next 5-20 years.

The immediate future is written about enough. The far future is prone to include magical tech like cheap fusion power that may never arrive. With a nod to William Gibson: I write about technology that’s already here — just not evenly distributed. Venture capital overlaps this time horizon. But VC is a difficult timing is everything game, betting on particular people and companies. What I’m interested in is slightly different: how tech trends play out at an industry or societal level.

So I write about exponential trends like Moore’s law and genome sequencing. But also human cognition, AI, space, evolution, economics, science, and most fundamentally about how technology endlessly coevolves with society. Though sometimes I post on a topic just because it’s interesting.

I named my blog praxtime as a take on praxis, learning by doing. Where the doing is writing, the best way to drive thoughts to clarity. Often a post starts one way, but after rewrite and research goes another. This is a personal hobby. Family and job come first. So I write irregularly as time permits. All are welcome!

You can get new posts by email, by following @praxtime on twitter, using RSS, or liking Praxtime on facebook. Or just bookmark this site. The best way to reach me the person is @ntaylor963 on twitter or ntaylor963@gmail.com on email. Feel free to browse older posts by topic or date.

Nathan Taylor

image credit: The logo for my blog is comes from the award winning image Guiding Light to the Stars by astrophotographer Mark Gee. Used with written permission, his wonderful original is below. See more from Mark Gee at his website is The Art of Night.

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