The theme of my blog is “What does the near future hold?”

By near future I mean roughly the next 5-20 years, a somewhat neglected time horizon. That’s beyond the focus stock markets and most venture capital. And keeping it under 20 years avoids never quite arriving technology, like cheap fusion power. Minor rant. So a lot on technology, but also space, genomics, evolution, economics, science and more broadly how these shape society. A typical post starts with a journalistic recap of what’s happening now, then tries to illuminate what might happen next using any demographic, economic or technological trends that apply. For example the rise of zero marginal cost digital goods is driving change in business models and governance, impacting how we consume music and news, and now starting to upend health and transportation. More broadly it’s changing our income distributions and reshaping our politics. Attention must be paid. That said, sometimes I just post on what I find interesting.

You can get new posts by following @praxtime on twitter, liking Praxtime on facebook, using RSS, or by registering your email in the right side bar. Or by bookmarking this site. On twitter I use @praxtime solely as a feed for new blog posts. The best way to reach me the person is @ntaylor963 on twitter, or ntaylor963@gmail.com on email. Feel free to browse older posts by topic or by date. I also occasionally cross post to Medium as the mood strikes.

My blog is called “Praxtime” since both my first and last name Nathan Taylor are so common you’d never find this site using search. Praxtime is a take on praxis, learning by doing. In this case the doing is writing, the best way to drive your thoughts to clarity. Often a post starts one way, but after rewrite and research goes another. This is a personal hobby, so I write as time permits. There’s no readership goal beyond existing friends and family. But all welcome!

Nathan Taylor

Image Credit: The header image for my blog is the award winning astronomy photo Guiding Light To The Stars from theartofnight.com, the photography of Mark Gee. It's an amazing shot, and I really appreciate Mark Gee giving me written permission to use it. I encourage you to see more of his work at his website theartofnight.com, or follow him on facebook. Here's one more below.

Mark Gee

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