This is my first Praxtime blog post on WordPress. Moved from Tumblr.


Today Sunday, Nov 3, 2013, I moved my Praxtime blog from the Tumblr web site to here on WordPress at The reason is simple enough. My posts run 600-1000 words, sometimes much more. WordPress is designed for the longer form, while Tumblr is optimized for microblogging. As part of the move I also set up a facebook page for Praxtime, which should be nice for my friends and family readers. Getting posts on twitter via @praxtime is unchanged. I plan to continue my current schedule of posting once a week, writing Sunday nights. But from now on the weekly posts will come out on Monday morning. Turns out scheduling posts to appear when people are awake is considered a best practice. Bottom line is you can get Praxtime in three ways:

I imported all my Tumblr posts to WordPress, and have deleted the original tumblr posts.

By Nathan Taylor

I blog at on tech trends and the near future. I'm on twitter as @ntaylor963.


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