The Gradual Singularity

The Technological Singularity is defined as the sudden emergence of a super-intelligent computer. The classic scenario is people build an artificial intelligence capable of building a better artificial intelligence, and this process runs away with itself until you get a super-intelligent computer. See Asimov’s 1950 short story for an example. You can see why it’s… Continue reading The Gradual Singularity

The debate on Strong Artificial Intelligence and conscious computers

There is a longstanding debate on whether computers will ever achieve true consciousness, sometimes called “Strong Artificial Intelligence (AI)”. So you might think the most interesting AI question right now is how close are we to thinking computers. But I think something else big will happen before we get there, and this will end the debate… Continue reading The debate on Strong Artificial Intelligence and conscious computers

Consciousness and Free Will

As explained last post, in regards to consciousness I’ll assume a materialist biology theory of mind. And as such the science question is how a real human brain is conscious. This approach avoids any abstract philosophical arguments such as the mind-body problem. Furthermore I’ll immediately concede I’m in the tank for Daniel Dennett, pictured above. So to a certain extent… Continue reading Consciousness and Free Will